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Stress Management

What is stress? Stress is anything that puts pressure on us. It is part of life. Learning new things, a problem at work or school, or an argument can all cause stress.

Common changes that can cause stress include:

• Separation or divorce.

• Work/job or school-related issues.

• Problems with finances.

• Relationship or parenting problems.

• Work/life balance.

There are ways to manage stress. But to manage stress, we need to understand it. Any kind of change can cause stress. Changes can be small—new work hours, adjusting to a new school or dating a new person. Or changes can be serious—a major illness or losing a job. Stress can affect how we feel and act. It also affects our physical health and can cause physical pain and even lead to medical issues. We can’t always get rid of stress but there some things that can help us to cope. If stress keeps you from doing your normal activities for more than 2 weeks you can get help by meeting with a therapist/counselor to learn stress management techniques and work through the personal issues that are interfering with you or your child maintaining a healthy and well-balanced life.