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Have you been saying to yourself, “What’s the matter with me lately?” Have others been asking you or have you been asking your child that question?

Do you feel anxious or tense most of the time?

Have you had aches and pains that don’t seem to have a cause?

Are you having trouble sleeping or concentrating?

Does it seem like you never have any energy?

You may feel this way because you have depression.

What is depression? Depression isn’t a bad case of the blues. It’s an illness. A depressed person can’t just “snap out of it”. Depression affects the whole body including the brain. It changes how a person feels emotionally and physically. Depression is treatable. People who get good care get well. Most forms of depression are helped with some type of “talk therapy”.  Most of the time, people who have depression can be treated successfully with therapy/counseling while continuing with their lives.